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Thursday, February 22, 2007

ALI: Right Triangle - Breakout @ 17.25

After trading on impulse, I'm browsing the charts to look for a stock pick. Then, ALI catches my eye. It's forming a right triangle. Looking at how it ended today, it has a volatile body opening and has a low of 16.75 and closing and has a high of 17.25

Our mentor, Mr. Danny Go mentioned about this on the first session of Introduction to Basic Technical Analysis. To jump start, if you want to make money immediately. All you have to do is to look for bar similar to the one below. Observe 5 minutes before closing and look at the volume if it's bigger than the previous day volume. Most likely, the next day it will have a higher high of about 1.5% of the closing price. So, on this case 17.25 will be 17.50.

A snippet from the ALI chart.

Anyway, I picked this stocks to trade for tom (Feb 23, 2007) based on two factors. One, it's a right triangle, volume is diminishing and increasing on possible breakout testing the resistance of 17.25. Second, because it fits what Mentor Danny Go was refering to. (volatile body, low=opening, high=closing) I don't know what to call this kind of thing. Surely, it has a name will find that out later. Anyway, so the possibility of it to breakout tom is BIG!

Okay, so with these factors. I'm go to trade this stock tom :)
Trade without Emotions!
Can you do that?
Here's the ALI chart

Entry Point: 17.25
Exit Point: 18.50 (Target Price)
Cut-Loss: 17.00

Another thing, we've been told not to trade within the triangle but trade during the breakout. Well, it is because of the second factor the 1.5% that's why I think it will breakout tom. My target price was base on the measurement of the right triangle base - see my chart above.