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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

PSE down for two days

Ouch! I should have take profit. Greed is really bad! Yesterday, my friends at absolute traders community was warning to sell stocks and take profit. I did not heed. Today, the market open with sellers selling their stocks at 50%! My oh my.

Ten minutes before the market closed. I am left with two options to SELL or to HOLD. I'm tempted to hold on to my stocks. Since, the PSE market can do a rebound and it's just a major correction. But then, wait I want to cut-loss because one can never be sure. So, I decided to cut-loss. And, buy stocks when it picked up again.

Today my portfolio is -10%


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Abby,
I am a newbie in trading and its good to know that there are blogs out there on phil stocks.

Yeah it was a bloody February my portfolio is at 3% luckily some of my picks didnt slide too much but still it hurts.

anyway cheers

Abby Ongyanco-Lim said...

hi there,

thanks for dropping by my blog hehehe

let's hope the market picks up this monday! shanghai is up last friday though u.s market is down.


Anonymous said...

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