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Thursday, July 19, 2007

RCB: About to breakout from Symmetrical Triangle

Just when most of the stocks went down today, this remains unchanged. Been trying to break the resistance @ 36 for the past few days. Will this breakout soon?

Well, if it does breakout @ 36 then my target price from the triangle base @ 40. But, if it's supported by a very heavy volume. It might try to reach the previous high @ 45.


sharetipsinfo said...


Hi everyone.

Now we have seen Sensex and
touching new highs, moreover we can say Life time high. Still we
have not seen any positive movement in IT SECTORS this is due
to weakening of dollar.

On one side we should appreciate that rupees is becoming stronger and stronger but dollar is what we all want.

Now we should try to accumulate IT stocks as sharp major up move is expected out of them. Buy on every decline PATNI, INFOSYS
or any IT stock.

Hope you make lot of money in that.




sharetipsinfo said...

Hi everyone,
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As we can see Dollar is becoming weaker day by day as compared to Indian Rupees, which is affecting IT Sector Still IT sector got lot of potential as is due to zoom up once again.

Moreover Recently we have witnessed that Indian stock market has touched new heights surprisingly IT sector was not part of it.

Now NIFTY is already in overbought zone. We can expect NIFTY and SENSEX to fall bit that is correction is due.

Best strategy now- For investors wait for minor correction and buy IT stocks at dips.

For traders – You can mint money in bearish and bullish market both .



Your blog is quite nice and informative.

Now we are bullish on Indian Stock/Share
market to see on new highs. Now Sensex is due to kiss 18000 mark Till Diwali or beforeDiwali. So now starts count on us to see Sensex on 18000 Mark.

Now BEST Buy is INFOSYS for Trgt 2000-2100. RELCAPITAL for Trgt 1800, RNRL For Trgt 100-110 & APIL for trgt 1000

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Anonymous said...

hi! i'm wondering if you give tutorials to first-timers who want to invest in the phil stock market or if you know of a group who gives seminars? i'd really appreciate it.

i also have one more problem, i'm 19 so i don't think stock brokers would really take me seriously:(


Abigail Joan Lim said...

hi ella,

you can check out http://www.absolutetraders.com they gave out seminars to newbies

you can start trading now without the stockbrokers... there's a lot of online stock market platform for philippines

such as bpitrade.com, citiseconline.com, and philstocks.ph

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Hi! Is your blog still active? Let's talk stocks sometime.

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