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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

StockWatch: AGI, JFC, PNB, PX, VLL

AGI - Breakdown :( It hurts because I was not able to cut loss with this issue. One, I woke up late. Second, It was fast I was not able to post @ 3.40, 3.35. And, when it went back to 3.40 I decided to hold! (Bad isn't it) Anyway, I hope and do hope that somehow tom it will recover a little allow me to do a graceful exit first before proceeding down to 3.20 or lower. Hehehe.

AGI as of August 19, 2008
Current Pattern-Rounding Top, Might continue down to 3.20

JFC - This seems to be in a trading zone. Despite the market sentiment it was able to hold the price @ 39.00. My ideal price to get into this stock is @ 38.00.

JFC as of August 19, 2008
Current Pattern-Rectangle Support-38.00 Resistance-40.50

PNB - Trading Range 32.50 to 34.50 (Hmm, that's about 4%)

PNB as of August 19, 2008
Current Pattern-Rectangle Support-32.50 Resistance-34.50

PX - Still in trading zone. I hope PX will be able to break the resistance @ 7.6 for it to proceed to my target price @ 7.80.

PX as of August 19, 2008
Current Pattern-Rectangle Support 7.4 Resistance 7.6
If breakout from 7.6, target price 7.8. If breakout from 7.8, target price 8.6.

VLL - It seems to me that VLL is forming a descending triangle on my chart. Although, it has held its support @ 2.36. Still, descending triangle is a bearish pattern. I'll be watching this stock as how VLL will perform this week.

VLL as of August 19, 2008
Current Pattern-Descending Triangle Support-2.36 Resistance-2.44
If breakdown, price will might reach 2.16

Overall, I think PSEi is still in fighting mode. Despite the 180+ down in DOW Jones which in the past this means big down for PSEi already. But today performance, market seems to be in a defensive mode. Although a lot of issues have breakdown there are still some who are fighting to hold its support.


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Once again after crash Nifty has started going up. Now we suggest all rises should be used as an opportunity to exit old long positions.
This bull run will continue for few more days. Overall market is in bearish mood as in medium term its just a small rally due to short covering
and result season.

Happy Trading,